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Do You Love the House...or the Decor?

Written by Janis Thomson

Do You Love the House...or the Decor?

When you are looking at homes, remember, you are not buying it furnished. Even though buyers know that, the décor of a home often influences their offers. They tend to offer more money for a house if they love the way it is styled. Conversely, buyers may pass over a home when the décor is not to their taste and/or is outdated (see my earlier blog, Hidden Gems). To be sure you are buying a home you will really love, there are a few things to consider.

More important than the décor: the home square footage, layout, and location. These are things that should not be overlooked as they can be impossible to change (location, location, location!), or difficult and/or costly to change. That being said, you can change the décor and it can even be done on a tight budget! When shopping for a new home, being able to distinguish the actual home from the furnishings will help you to make informed decisions.

A room is really a blank slate. When you break down ALL rooms, they are four walls, except of course in an open concept house where rooms are delineated mainly by furnishings and/or flooring. When you are in a house that you absolutely love, picture the rooms without anything in it. What exactly is left that you love about it? Conversely, can you see the cluttered rooms with large and/or outdated furniture without anything in it? How do you like it now? See the room for what it is and remember, fresh paint, flooring and furnishings are what gives the finished room its vibe.

Working with a full time, professional Realtor is invaluable. Being able to see the past the home decor does not come easy to most people. Being able to evaluate the actual living space is a skill that successful Realtors possess. They will help you to compare apples to apples by helping you to compare the houses you have seen, and not the compare cool and trendy décor to outdated. If you are able to see the space for what it is, and not simply fall in love with the furnishings, you will definitely be pleased with your home once you are move in. A skilled realtor will help you to see what you are actually spending your hard earned money on!

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